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“SC Ruling Vindicates Bihar Government Initiative,” Said Nitish, Calling For A Countrywide Caste Census

Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, and Tejashwi Yadav, his deputy, applauded the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to reject appeals challenging the state of Bihar’s caste census. The state government’s decision to undertake the caste census, which is now under way, was simply “vindicated,” according to the chief minister. Tejashwi urged the Center to do a countrywide caste census in the same manner as the Bihar government.

According to Nitish, a caste census is being conducted to learn more about people’s socioeconomic circumstances so that the government may continue to develop its policies and programs. Unnecessary uproar had been caused by it. All parties in Bihar have backed it.

Tejashwi advised the Center to “follow our example and conduct countrywide caste census” since the Supreme Court found no validity in the arguments made against the caste survey. How can one tell which group in society needs more help if a caste census is not conducted? We have won since the SC dismissed a number of complaints that the survey was biased, the man said.

Santosh Pathak, a spokesman for the BJP, expressed appreciation for the SC ruling by stating his party has previously endorsed it. “Since the day the caste census proposal was made to the Assembly, we have supported it. In order to include socially excluded “pasmandas” in advantages that must be dispersed via this affirmative action procedure, we believe that caste should also be examined in minorities.

The first phase of the caste census is now counting households and individuals. Caste, gender, and religion of the populace will be counted in the second phase, which is scheduled to begin in April. 500 crore rupees would be spent on the exercise by the state budget.

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વધુ એક ભારતીયની વિદેશમાં હત્યા, કેન્યામાં સ્થાયી થયેલા ખંભાળિયાના યુવાન પર ગોળીબાર


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